Release Potential works with young people, students and youth workers to engage with the story of pain, passion and grace experienced by persecuted Christians today.

On Sunday 20th November join us on a SUNRISE Prayer Walk #WalkToRemember


Change Makers

Be The Change to encourage and support followers of Jesus whatever the cost.  Spend a year serving your brothers and sisters in Christ.



Give the gift of education to communities torn apart by religious violence.


Please help persecuted Christians from Iran live out their faith and draw closer to God. 


Persecution Uncovered

These six sessions have been written for Christian youth groups to explore issues surrounding persecution and what it means to have a costly faith.

Don’t dilute the Gospel!

Don’t dilute the Gospel!

I’m sure everyone has done it… You go into your kitchen thirsting for a drink and after realising there’s no juice, you have to go for the second best option – squash (gutted!). But because your mind was set on juice even before you got to the kitchen, you pour the... read more
LAOS – Rejected for Christ

Our latest seven-minute video, ‘Rejected for Christ’, tells the moving stories of three converts in the Buddhist nation of Laos who remain strong in their faith, despite opposition.


Join our Beyond The Call (BTC) movement and help support young Sri Lankan Christians in pursuing their dream of an education.
Beyond The Call
        Your gifts are needed to touch and encourage the hearts of your brothers and sisters in Christ enduring intense pressure

A reflection on the body of Christ facing persecution and the lesson we can learn about true discipleship and counting the cost of following Jesus.

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Youth leaders!

We have a number of ways Release Potential can support your work with young people and young adults.

Tortured for Christ

The powerful testimony of the man who founded Release International: Pastor Richard Wurmbrand.

Welcome to Release Potential

Release Potential is the youth ministry of Release International, a charity that supports persecuted Christians around the world.

Release Potential aims to inspire and challenge creative young Christians based in the UK and Ireland to engage passionately and practically with the issue of persecution.

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Release Potential are committed to sharing the story of persecution, giving Christians the opportunity to hear what’s going on. Click here.
Release Potential works with young people and students to make the connection that persecution affects us all. Click here.
Release Potential passionately believes that, if we want to see things change in our world, we needs to be prepared to be that change. Click here.